Welcome to our community!

Abnormal Gaming and who we are.

The Abnormal Gaming community started based around a cluster of servers for Ark: Survival Evolved. Our community strives to remove toxicity and to give players young and old a place they can be themselves without being judged It’s about having fun, making friends while remaining competitive. With donations and support we have been able to add servers, expand slots and make the server one of the most popular, if not the most popular cluster on PS4. We play other games and stream on twitch and youtube!

Cyph3r_live on Twitch                        Abnormal Gaming on Youtube



Find the server in PS4 under UNOFFICIAL PC SERVERS:

#ABNORMAL GAMING <RAG> twitch.tv/cyph3r_live
#ABNORMAL GAMING <CENTER> twitch.tv/cyph3r_live
#ABNORMAL GAMING <CENTER II> twitch.tv/cyph3r_live
#ABNORMAL GAMING <ISLAND> twitch.tv/cyph3r_live
#ABNORMAL GAMING <SCORCHED> twitch.tv/cyph3r_live
#ABNORMAL GAMING <AB> twitch.tv/cyph3r_live

Server Rules:

  • No undermapping what’s so ever, the punishment is permanent ban.
  • No racism in the chat, words are racist regardless of your skin color or hard “r”
  • rule for caging is 30min in no raid situations. Anything more is considered griefing and punishment can be as severe as ban
  • If you shoot at an admin and he’s not in gmbuff/infinitestats/god mode, he will shoot back, don’t be salty.
  • Cave building is allowed dmg is 6x but turret dmg is 1x this season so raiding caves with rocket running will be a thing.
  • Don’t leave turrets or plant species lying around places that aren’t your base! If your taming or getting a drop, you can place them down, but remove / destroy them when your done.
  • Don’t block obs or drops
  • Banned players can not rejoin on alts. If you add a banned player to a tribe, you will both be banned and / or tribe wiped.