Server Settings / Rules

Server Settings & Rules

Server Rules:


  • No undermapping what’s so ever, the punishment is permanent ban.
  • If you attack a base that was recently meshed, you will be considered guilty!
  • No racism in the chat, words are racist regardless of your skin color or hard “r”
  • If you shoot at an admin and he’s not in gmbuff/infinitestats/god mode, he will shoot back, don’t be salty.
  • Cave building is allowed, dmg is 12x but turret dmg is 1x this season so raiding caves with rocket running will be a thing.
  • Don’t leave turrets or plant species lying around places that aren’t your base! If your taming or getting a drop, you can place them down, but remove / destroy them when your done.
  • Don’t block obs or drops
  • Banned players can not rejoin on alts. If you add a banned player to a tribe, you will both be banned and / or tribe wiped.
  • No ally raiding & no insiding.

Currency & In-Game Store

The drops contain currency in the form of bush berry seeds :

These seeds can be used at the store to buy dinos (neutered / spayed), Weapons, Saddles, & Resources. At this point in time no BP’s are sold at the store. The cost of items will fall roughly under these guidelines:

  • Dinos are categorized by importance 1-5 E.G. dodo is 1 seed per level and golems are 5 seeds per level.
  • Saddles and Items will be 1-4 seeds per armor rating based on the importance of Dino or item.
  • Ammo will be 3 bullets per seed
  • Admin paint of dinos (mutations) will be 200 seeds per region
  • Seed packs are available for purchase at $1 for 100 seeds.
  • Seed packs will also be added to monthly Patreons pack.


Server settings are a bit hard to break down as each individual item is broken into subcategories and customized on the Abnormal Gaming Servers. For instance, breeding, you have the mature time, the egg hatch speed, the imprint multiplier, the cuddle grace period, the cuddle lose multiplier and the time in between breeding, and that’s not everything. This takes a lot of adjustments and we are constantly thriving to keep the game enjoyable without complications. Below are some of the settings for the server:

  • Taming: x100.
  • Harvesting See Below (no longer accurate)
  • Dino stats are completely custom.
  • Player stats completely custom but increased health, melee and move speed
  • Dino speed x10 (this includes flyers)
  • Titan spawns replaced with Giga spawns.
  • Completely Custom drops with tek, top level dmg weapons, top armor flak and riot & currency among other things.

Harvesting Breakdown:

10 x RawMeat 15 x Hide 15 x RawSalt 0 x Seed_PlantSpeciesY
5 x RawMeat_Fish 15 x Keratin 15 x Sand 5 x Mushroom_Aquatic
5 x Berry_Amarberry 10 x Metal 15 x Silk 5 x Mushroom_Ascerbic
5 x Berry_Azulberry 10 x Obsidian 15 x Sulfur 5 x Mushroom_Auric
10 x Berry_Mejoberry 15 x Oil 5 x ApexDrop_Allo 5 x NamelessVenom
10 x Berry_Narcoberry 5 x Pelt 5 x ApexDrop_Argentavis 5 x ApexDrop_Basilisk
5 x Berry_Stimberry 5 x PeltOrHair 5 x ApexDrop_Basilo 5 x ApexDrop_Basilisk_Alpha
5 x Berry_Tintoberry 15 x Polymer_Organic 5 x ApexDrop_Boa 5 x ApexDroprabClaw
5 x Seed_DefensePlant 5 x RareFlower 5 x ApexDrop_Giga 5 x ApexDrop_ReaperBarb
5 x JellyVenom 5 x RareMushroom 5 x ApexDrop_Megalania 5 x ApexDrop_RockDrake
15 x Honey 15 x Sap 5 x ApexDrop_Megalodon 5 x CommonMushroom
5 x AnglerGel 15 x Silicon 5 x ApexDrop_Rex 5 x ElementOre
15 x Charcoal 15 x SquidOil 5 x ApexDrop_Sarco 10 x FungalWood
15 x Chitin 15 x Stone 5 x ApexDrop_Sauro 10 x Gas
15 x ChitinOrKeratin 5 x tdatch 5 x ApexDrop_Spino 10 x Gem_BioLum
15 x ChitinPaste 10 x Wood 5 x ApexDrop_tderiz 10 x Gem_Element
5 x Crystal 5 x Wool 5 x ApexDrop_tdylaco 10 x Gem_Fertile
10 x Fibers 15 x CactusSap 5 x ApexDrop_Tuso 5 x XenomorphPheromoneGland
15 x Flint 5 x WyvernMilk 5 x ApexDrop_Yuty
10 x Hair 15 x PreservingSalt 5 x BlackPearl